Altiplano means high plain, or highland if you like.
Which is is this case kind of an understatement if you ask me.
The average altitude of the Bolivian Altiplano is about 3750 meters, which is only slightly lower than the Tibetan highlands and is on several places higher than 5000 meter.
Not to mention the peaks that get over 6500 meter.
So I guess we can speak of a very high plain.

The Bolivian Altiplano is part of the Atacama desert.
When I think about a desert, I think about sand, heat, camels and the occasional pyramid (okay, pyramids might be a bit too stereotypical).
The Atacama desert has none of these…
Because of the winds there are many rocks but almost no sand.
Because of the altitude it never gets very hot – but it does get very cold during the night.
There are no camels, only many llamas.
Maybe the volcanoes can be mistaken for pyramids from a distance, but the first pyramid in the region is yet to be found.
And although the Atacama desert is the driest place on earth, it doesn’t look like that with its many lakes and rivers.

In this gallery I will take you on a wild jeep ride through the Bolivian very highlands, passing by colourful lakes, llamas, mountains, geysers, flamingoes and volcanoes.


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