Border Hopping in Chile and Argentina

Border Hopping in Chile and Argentina

Argentina… What a country…

What a big country… with its 2,780,400 sq km it’s the eight largest country in the world. When you’re like a country like Belgium – where I’m from – it’s really hard to imagine the size of such a country.

Argentina is the country of tango, football, wine and steak, but also of amazing landscapes, great wildlife and the most southern city in the world

I’ve already posted some photo series about Argentina before:
Don’t Cry for Me
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But such a country is worth a couple of series.


And then my beloved Chile… long, thin, very low and very high.
A land made famous by Neruda and Allende, and equally infamous by Pinochet.A land with Pacific coast, Andes mountains, Patagonia and Atacama desert.
A land with good food, great wine and friendly people.
A land where you’d like to stay.

This photo series will take you from Mendoza, Argentina to Salta Argentina, passing by Santiago de Chile, La Serena, Coquimbo and San Pedro de Atacama.