Danger and Waterfalls

Danger and Waterfalls

Venezuela has a very bad reputation these days… Corruption and criminality go sky-high, which makes it a very strange and dangerous place to be. But also very interesting.

Many travelers in South America skip Venezuela because of this reputation, therefore people over there are always amazed to see a foreigner. Especially a European. And they are very friendly and concerned, they don’t want anything to happen to you.
Actually they’ll make sure that nothing happens to you.
In several cases people wouldn’t leave from my side to make sure that I got on the bus and that I paid the right price. In one case people even started to discuss with police officers because they knew they were trying to find something for which they could make us pay.

On the other hand, Venezuela is a beautiful place, both cultural as nature wise.
There are the old colonial villages on the Caribbean coast.
There are the Caribbean islands.
There’s Merida, a student city high in the mountains and famous for its adventure sports.
There’s Caracas, the city that breads Hugo Chavez.
And then there’s Canaima, the national park that is home to world’s highest waterfall: Angels Falls.

Let me show you that there’s more about Venezuela than what you see in the news.


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