Don't Cry for Me

Don’t Cry for Me

The following series of posts is the result of a year-long trip through more or less every country in South-America.

First stop was Argentina, an enormous country, where it takes about 4 days to get from the north to the south by bus – seriously, I met people who did the whole trip without stopping along the way.

It’s the country of beef and wine, of Maradona and Messi and of Borges and Puig
This is the country where people dance tango in the streets, where siesta is still holy and where Evita used to sing for her people.

But it’s not all “la vida tranquillo”, poverty is increasing and people stopped trusting the government and the banks.

This photo series will take you on a trip from Buenos Aires via Cordoba, Puerto Madryn and El Calafate to the most Southern city in the world: Ushuaia.