Former Inca Territory

Former Inca Territory

The Incas are probably the best know tribe of indians – closely followed by the Mayas though – and the mayor reason for this is of course one of the seven world wonders: Machu Picchu.

During their best period the Inca territory included most of the Pacific coast of south America, all the way from southern Chile until northern Colombia.
In many ways the Inca empire can be compared with the Roman one:
The Incas were magnificent architects and had a deep knowledge of regional planning.
Religion was a very important part of the society. In fact, in many cases the stones used to build temples came from sacred mountains tens of kilometres away instead of from the rock next door.
The Incas were much interested in sciences, they are famous for their in dept knowledge of astronomy, but they were also good biologists.
The Incas also worked with a central capital. What Rome was to the Romans, was Cuzco to the Incas.

And there is also one major difference. Where the Roman Empire split due to internal conflicts, the Inca empire collapsed due to the arrival of the descendants of the Romans… the Spanish.

Enough history…
In this photo gallery I will take you past several indigenous sites.
First of all through the sacred valley where next to Ollantaytambo and Pisac of course Machu Picchu is found. But also to Chan Chan and to the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, where the Moches used to live. And finally to Kuelap, the land of the Chachapoyas.


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