Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Well… not just any woods… into the magnificent Amazon rainforest!

With its size of about 7 000 000 square kilometres, the world’s green lung covers territory in 9 South American countries. It inhabits a huge biodiversity of 700 types of mamals, 1300 types of birds, 2000 types of fish an 40 000 types of plants. That are already registered, that is, who knows what’s still hiding overthere.

Needless to say that the world would look a lot different without the rainforest, probably mankind would even exist because more than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced here.
Yet many people think that wood – and the money paid for it – is more important than oxygen.
But I’m not getting into that discussion.

The Amazon rain forest is accessible for tourism from Brazil, Peru, Ecudaor, Colombia and Venezuela.
In this photo series I’ll take you on a boat ride on the Amazon river in Peru from Yurimaguas to Iquitos – most breath taking┬ásunsets ever – and then into the woods with nothing more than a small pack, a hammock, some water and a couple of experienced guides.


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