Mountains and Monasteries: Georgia

Mountains and Monasteries: Georgia

Does the Caucasus ring any bell?
Maybe you’ve heard about the mountain range?
Or maybe you’ve heard about the instability of the region in the news?

The Caucasus region consists of 4 official countries: Russia (or at least a small part of it), Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. But also of many unofficial countries, like South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia to name a few.
All of these countries were at a certain point in history part of the Russian Federation, and it took them many years of conflict and war to become independent.
And even then.
These countries consist of such a mixture of origins and religions – Georgians, Russians, Turks, Persians, Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox,… – that it’s not surprising that now and then a certain part of a country wants to become independent or move to another country or connect with another part of a country that is not completely satisfied with the things as they are.
It’s complicated.

Currently, most of the regions in the Causasus are safe – if not extremely safe, the last conflict was in 2008 and currently Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are trying to attract tourism.
So there I went…

In this photo gallery, I will take you on a trip to Central and East Georgia, visiting the lively – and unpronounceable – capital Tbilisi, checking out some monasteries, trying some local wine – it’s been said that Georgians are making wine for over 7000 years – and hiking the beautiful Kazbegi mountains.

If you’re interested in the Causasus, keep posted because soon my Armenia gallery will be online too.