Patagonia as Expected

Patagonia as Expected

Maybe this title needs some clarification…
Is there also an unexpected Patagonia? Yes… Yes there is…

On my trip from the north to the south of Argentina, at a certain point we were about to enter Patagonia.
THE Patagonia. Patagonia of which I’ve seen so many documentaries, which was on the top of my bucket list and of which I’ve dreamt the last couple of days.
THE Patagonia, with its snow capped mountains, its green forests and its desolated lakes.

Because I really didn’t want to miss any of it, I booked a 16 hour bus ride during day time.
Biggest disappointment ever…
There was absolutely nothing to see.
Desert… just plain desert… desert… desert… desert.
With the occasional llama or ostrich, but after 150 of them they kinda start to bore you too.

Seriously, this is not what you expect from Patagonia.

The most intriguing actually was the endless fence. In Patagonia they have thousands and thousands kilometers of low fence. At first I thought it was to protect the animals from the road, until I saw a herd of llamas jump over it.
So what’s there to protect? They don’t want their neighbour to walk from his part of infertile ground to theirs?
It’s a mystery.
A mystery that must have taken ages to build.
Kinda like Macchu Picchu or the pyramids…
Maybe UNESCO should protect it…

But I digress…
Here’s the Patagonia you did expect. The kind with mountains and lakes and waterfalls and stuff.