Where Escobar Used to Wander (Colombia Pt. I)

Where Escobar Used to Wander (Colombia Pt. I)

I decided to create two photo galleries for Colombia, the first one covering south and  central Colombia dedicated to Pablo Escobar, the second one covering the Caribbean side dedicated to Gabriel García Márquez.

So this gallery is dedicated to Pablo Escobar, because whether you like it or not, the man has had a huge influence on life in Colombia.
If you haven’t heard of Pablo – or El Padrino for his friends – here are some facts:

  • He was world’s most famous drug lord and founder of the world’s most famous drug cartel (the Medellin cartel).
  • During his high days, 80 percent of all cocaine in the world passed through his hands – or the hand of his compadres.
  • In 1993 he became the 7th richest man in the world, earning 1 000 000 US dollars per day.
  • He’s responsible for about 8 000 murders.
  • He once put a price of 1 000 dollar on the head of every policeman in Medellin.
  • He tried to run for president of Colombia

Shortly summarized, Pablo was the guy who created a world wide cocaine marked and can be made responsible for many years of terror in Colombia.

This photo gallery starts in Popayan, in the south of Colombia, where FARC ( extreme left group also involved in coke business) is still active and goes via Cali (where currently the biggest drugs cartel of colombia resides) towards Medellin (for years the world’s most dangerous place thanks to… you know who) and finally to Bogota, the capital.


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