Where Marquez Used to Wander (Colombia Pt. II)

Where Marquez Used to Wander (Colombia Pt. II)

This is the second photo series of Colombia.
The first one, Where Escobar Used to Wander, covered south and central Colombia, now it’s time for the north side… Or better… The Caribbean side!

It wasn’t very hard to find a name I could link to this gallery.
Gabriel García Márquez is a world famous Colombian author, known for his books “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Love in the Time of Cholera” among many others.
He won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1982.
He was a journalist.
He was a politician.
He was a great man.

When you wander the streets of Baranquilla, Cartagena or Mompox you immediately feel in the middle of a Marquez story.
It’s difficult to say which was bigger: his influence on Colombia or the influence of Colombia on him.

Sadly enough Marquez passed away in April 2014.
May this be a tribute.


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